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Meet the POLAR BEAR, a groundbreaking ice bath that redefines quality without sacrificing affordability. Crafted with premium materials and offered at an incredible price, it boasts a weather-resistant exterior and top-tier insulation for unbeatable durability in any setting.

What sets this ice bath apart is its versatility. Featuring a potent 1HP chiller, a pump, and UV sterilization, it seamlessly transitions from a relaxing hot tub to an invigorating ice bath, maintaining temperatures from 38 to 108 Fahrenheit (3 to 42 Celsius). This adaptability ensures it caters to your diverse wellness needs.

Reliability is paramount, backed by a solid 1-year warranty. Alongside an insulated cover and IP4 water resistance, it's fortified against the elements, ensuring its longevity and robustness. Effortless maintenance is guaranteed with an easy-access drain, offering convenience without compromising style or function.

Perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces, the POLAR BEAR stands as the perfect choice for a dependable and stylish relaxation partner. Whether seeking soothing warmth or refreshing coolness, this adaptable ice bath delivers an unparalleled experience tailored precisely to your wellness desires.

Key Features:
1HP Chiller with Pump and UV Sterilization
Temperature Range- 38-108 Fahrenheit (3-42 C)
1 Year Warranty
Insulated Cover
IP4 Water Resistance
Easy Access Drain
Unit Size- 76*33*33in (1940*840*837mm)
Tank Size- 45*25*28in (1150*640*715mm)
Tub Material- Stainless Steel
1HP Chiller:
Dimensions- 27*16*21in (680*400*530mm)
R410A Refrigerant
CE Certified
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