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Camden Baye

Born in North Carolina, I moved around the country through elementary school until my family settled in Georgia. Throughout my childhood I was all about sports. Unfortunately, as I went into college and my adult-life sports moved towards the backburner. I made a lot of questionable decisions and didn't see a clear road for myself, so I decided the military would be my best option. The programs I joined for required a lot of physical and mental toughness. This brought physical training back into my life, and along with it my desire to be healthy. However, this also brought another realization to light that has only grown stronger the older I get. That realization being how unhealthy America and most of the world is becoming. So, I started my journey to make the world helathier. Starting with my command in the Navy training my friends and peers that didn't know how to start their fitness goals. There had to be more I could provide though. Countless hours of research and learning how to optimize health eventually steered me to cold water therapy. After going into as much depth as possible on this therapy I was ready to take the next step and buy one. But wait, 8 THOUSAND dollars to buy one? The military doesn't pay me enough for that. Okay what about just filling my bath up with ice? Alright, quick math (Google), I'm gonna need 50-60 lbs of ice to get the water under 50 degrees... thats at least 20 dollars worth of ice every time I want to get in. No possible way I'm going to drive to the store to spend 100 dollars on ice every week. It's no wonder people aren't hopping on this trend. It's out of reach for a vast majority of people simply because they can't afford it. So I called Jordan, my long time bestfriend, who happened to be doing the same research at the same time. And so, Revitalize Labs was started in an effort to spread health to everybody.


Jordan Baude

Originally hailing from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, I developed an entrepreneurial mindset as I navigated through my school years. From vending school supplies from lockers to crafting snowboards in basements and eventually venturing into commercial carpet cleaning, my journey has been marked by a steadfast passion for breaking away from the conventional 9-to-5 work model and pursuing self-employment.

Following various sales roles and a stint in the Navy, Camden approached me with a compelling challenge: why should access to health accessories with significant benefits be limited to the affluent? The succinct answer? Selfishness. Determined to address this issue, we are committed to creating a brand that embodies quality while remaining accessible to everyone. Our focus is not solely on profits and personal gain; instead, we aspire to pursue our passions and assist individuals in enhancing their lifestyles.

Our mission extends beyond monetary success; we aim to revolutionize the fitness industry and contribute to the revitalization of individuals. If any of our products pique your interest, please feel free to reach out. We are here to serve you.